2606 Benstein Rd. Wolverine Lake, MI 48390     248-960-3267


2606 Benstein   Road
Wolverine Lake,  MI  48390


"Better care, at better prices"

It is my personal guarantee that Wags N'

Whiskers Pet Salon will have the highest
of standards.  Keeping you and your pet
happy is my #1 priority. Cleanliness following
a close second.  I have seen the issues and
health concerns in other salons and my goal
is to provide a loving, healthy environment
for your pet combined with the quality that
you expect.   I understand the unique needs
of dogs, cats, senior and special needs pets
and promise that your beloved pet will be
treated with the utmost care and respect while
at Wags N' Whiskers Pet Salon.
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   Being cage-free allows the dogs to socialize with the
other dogs. It creates an atmosphere that you and your
                      pet will love walking into.
 If you have any Questions about the services we offer
 here at Wags N Whiskers Call us at 248-960-3267.


Here at Wags N' Whiskers Pet Salon we take pride in giving each dog or cat the individual, necessary attention for a worry-free grooming experience. Each pet will receive $5.00 OFF their first full groom!

Senior pets? Special Needs?
At Wags N' Whiskers, we understand the needs and limitations of senior or special needs pets in grooming.  We offer "special appointments" on afternoons or mornings which allows for extra time to groom these animals in a manner that keeps them comfortable and happy. These appointments can be arranged Mondays and Fridays before 8am or after 2pm. When your bring your pet to Wags N' Whiskers you can rest assured that they'll be treated with the gentle respect they deserve. Better care, at better prices.

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Our staff has years of experience handling,working with, and grooming dogs. We understand the wide range of behavior and personalities in all dog breeds. The dogs are not kenneled during their stay, unless requested, which helps the dogs remain relaxed and secure. A lot of dogs are nervous when getting groomed, and playing with us or the other dogs can usually help their stress level. At Wags N' Whiskers we prioritize your pets happiness along with the quality care you expect. We are confident that when you bring your pet in for grooming, they'll leave looking better than ever! Our staff is happy to answer any of your questions or concerns! (248)-960-3267
Wags N' Whiskers staff  has the most experienced cat groomers in the area. We understand the special needs of cats in grooming.  Whether a bath and brush out is all that is needed, or a lion shave, we have you covered. We make certain each pet leaves looking and feeling better along with a stress reduced grooming experience. Questions? (248)-960-3267

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